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Enrich your life by sharing

your home with an International Student

Homestay families can come in all shapes and sizes - from young families to singles and retires. The key is a caring heart and a willingness to open your home to new experiences and cultures. It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your children's horizons or your own!


Filling the role of an international student's 'Canadian Family' is extremely rewarding and many of the families that host students develop friendships that extend far past the homestay term, creating life-long bonds.

Our program hosts students from a variety of countries that range in age from 10 years to 18 years, although the majority are high school students (grades 8-12). Stays can be short term or long term, and financial compensation is offered to ensure monetary stress is not placed on the host family.

Other than ensuring the student has proper accommodations, what is expected of the Homestay?

Include your new family member in outings, special occasions and recreational activities with you! As with any youth, you may need to provide some emotional or academic support during their stay. It is always important to ensure cultural sensitivity when communicating the expectations in your home clearly, carefully listen to your students needs and respect confidentiality. Homestay families are required to sign an agreement before hosting a student, similarly students are required to sign a participation agreement that lays out the obligations and expectations of the program and their stay with you.

What will we do for you?

Monthly meetings for Homestay families are offered and hosted by the International Program staff, providing a way to get to know the other Homestay Families in the area, network, share ideas and request assistance or pool resources. If training or support is needed, our team is always available to assist you. As mentioned above, financial compensation is also provided to cover food, housing and travel costs. You will find that our program is highly competitive in compensation, to ensure your experience is enjoyable and does not place unnecessary financial stress on your home.

Student Accommodation Requirements:

Homestay Application Procedure:

  • Private Room (up to 2 students/room, separate beds)

  • 3 wholesome meals per day, snacks as needed

  • Quiet, well lit and heated study area (could be in bedroom)

  • Hot water and facilities for daily bathing

  • Laundry facilities (student can be responsible, if you wish)

  • Access to common living Aaeas of the home

  • Smoke and vape free interior

  • Submit a completed Homestay Application

  • Submit a Criminal Record Request

  • Provide a Driver's Abstract for the Primary driver in the household

  • Pass a home visit and interview with the Homestay Manager

  • Once the procedure is complete and you are approved, the Homestay Manager will work with the International Program Principal and agents to find the best fit for you!

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